BT Sport Produces Chilling Drew McIntyre Training Video

Apparently, Drew McIntyre is training in full gear carrying barrels in the Scottish highlands to prepare for his upcoming already taped match Brock Lesnar. It’s extremely cool.

The video shows McIntyre putting himself through grueling conditions to prepare for his WWE Championship showdown, including a tug-of-war with multiple men, lifting heavy boulders and finally conquering his hurdles. One year shy of WWE going Hollywood for next year’s WrestleMania, this McIntyre video has much very the “Hollywood” vibe going on. It’s an excellently produce piece by BT Sport and it’s hard not to get chills watching it.

“I’ve come home to prepare for my destiny,” McIntyre proclaims.

The vignette is narrated and over the span of the two-minute video, the voice says:

“In the shadows of the non-forgiving, stands a silhouette of a warrior, awaiting resurrection. With a power so raw, grace and beauty push to the point of eternal pain. In the battle of the resurrected, there can only be one who walks the road to glory. He will be the one…

… Now he is ready, to vanquish The Beast.”

The only downside of all this, is that McIntyre will likely get his WrestleMania moment, it just won’t be in front of any fans. McIntyre was WWE’s chosen one coming out of the Royal Rumble and it’s likely he was being booked to defeat Lesnar and win the WWE Championship. Now, with no fans thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are rumblings his match might result in a non-finish and the two will fight again when fans and McIntyre can share in the moment.

This is a fantastic promo, one of WWE’s best in a long time. Hopefully, the company can do it justice by having the best possible match in an empty building.

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