Brodie Lee Trolls Vince McMahon Again

Apparently, Brodie Lee and AEW aren’t done taking shots at Vince McMahon. After saying Vince was an old man who didn’t believe in Lee, this week, the leader of the Dark Order took a pot shot at one of Vince’s publick and odd phobias.

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, Brodie Lee made his in-ring debut but only after a vignette aired where he trolled Vince McMahon, specifically his reputation to micromanage everything and his distaste for people sneezing.

For fans that don’t know, there have been some very public stories about absolutely freaking out when people sneeze around him. Like a phobia, he’s been reported to simply lose his mind and go overboard on people for doing something all of us do and can’t control.

During Lee’s vignette, while eating with fellow Dark Order members, Alex Reynolds and John Silver, the Exalted One character started to become more clear. The idea is that Lee has excellent taste and is of a higher social standing, but he’s also a cult leader with some completely ludicrous demands. Coincidentally, this is how Vince is often described.

Lee began chastising his Dark Order minions. First, he lost it on Silver who went to eat his food before Lee was finished his mean. He yelled, “Do I look like I’m done?” He then kicked him out of the room. Later, as Reynolds was waiting to eat, he accidentally sneezed, which saw Lee snap. He kicked out Reynolds out, as well.

Where Is All Of This Going?

It will be interesting to see how far AEW takes this and if the main idea behind this character is that he’s being built based on the real-life persona and terrible qualities of Vince McMahon. If so, it could pose for some hilarious moments, but it has the potential to be over the top.

Hopefully AEW and Brodie Lee are able to walk that line successfully.

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