Brodie Lee/Luke Harper Talks WWE’s “Ungodly” Money Offer To Stay

Brodie Lee, aka Luke Harper, was a guest on Friday’s edition of Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho. The 40-year old recently joined All Elite Wrestling and was revealed to be the Exalted One and new leader of the faction The Dark Order. In two weeks on AEW tv, he’s done more for AEW that he arguably did in an entire year for WWE, all the while, seemingly poking fun at Vince McMahon in his recent vignettes and promos.

This interview with Jericho was the first interview he’s done since joining AEW. This is also the first time he’s discussed in detail his frustrations with WWE, specifically Vince.

Lee said he wanted to leave because WWE simply didn’t believe in him. He’d often try to offer Vince creative ideas, pretty much all of which Vince just ignored. Sometimes Vince would say he would “read the ideas on his jet” and other times he talked about trying to get Vince’s attention while he was eating, realizing everything he’d said was falling on def ears.

He talked about WWE trying to re-negotiate with Brodie all the way up until he was released in December but by then he just wasn’t interested in staying. It was only when he asked for his release that Vince would call him twice and they had 20-minute conversations where Vince was open to hearing him out. At that point he asked Lee if he wanted a push, more money, etc. At this point, none of it mattered.

Lee did say, at one point, Vince almost got him to change his mind about departing WWE when Vince offered him “ungodly” money to stay. He almost accepted the offer simply because he was thinking about his family and providing for them. At that point his wife stepped in and told him not to sign because she knew he’d be miserable.

According to Lee, for Vince it’s all about keeping the talent from going other places. But, now that he’s gone, he’s excited to be in AEW and that it was offered to him to hold off on his debut because of the empty arena aspect of the shows. Lee said he wanted to do it because he wasn’t sure the next time AEW would be able to do a show in front of fans.

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