[Rumor] Brock Lesnar To Return To UFC To Fight Daniel Cormier

Once again, the talk of Brock Lesnar heading to UFC has surfaced. Really, it was only a matter of time. Whether this is another ploy or negotiating tactic by Lesnar or he’s actually looking at a return, the latest is that he might be headed to UFC in August to take on Daniel Cormier. It would be at UFC 240.

While Lesnar hasn’t been around a lot in WWE, he is still the Universal Champion and is set to face Seth Rollins at this Sunday’s WrestleMania 35 event. The only difference between this run to WM and last year’s, even the year before, is that there hasn’t been much talk of him leaving after the show and taking his talents back to MMA. That is, until now.

Different than in previous years, there isn’t a lot to worry about as far as him running off with the title or not showing up one day after WWE’s biggest show of the schedule. This match with Cormier, if it happens, is a work in progress and a ways away.

The latest rumors, courtesy of ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, is that Lesnar’s fight with Daniel Cormier will indeed go ahead. If it is at UFC 240, the actual date and time will have to be later announced.

What Does This Mean For WrestleMania?

Fans wondering if this will play any sort of role in this year’s match between Lesnar and Rollins probably don’t have much to worry about. WWE isn’t worried that they need to keep the title on Lesnar to keep him happy and if they decide they want Rollins to carry the belt and be the head of the Raw brand, they’ll do so and give The Architect the win this Sunday.

In fact, there are actually reports that the latest deal Lesnar signed with WWE allows for one fight in UFC. This Cormier fight could be that fight and if so, this is good for WWE because Cormier is a big wrestling fan and would likely have no problem doing a little cross promotion.

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