Brock Lesnar Reveals Secret On His WWE Contract

During an extremely rare interview with Rod Pedersen, Brock Lesnar discussed family life, movie offers from The Rock and more. He also revealed why he keeps his contracts with WWE short.

Knowing his value and the brand he’s built, Lesnar is not shy about admitting that he wants the opportunity to jump back and forth between UFC and WWE. He keeps his WWE contracts short so that, if he wants, he can bail and go fight in UFC. He added that he received an offer from Dana White to fight Daniel Cormier this summer but he’s not sure if he’s going to take the fight or not.

All this leads to some speculation that Brock Lesnar’s current run with WWE might not be over. He is expected to be back in time for the next Saudi Arabia event but whether or not he gets a push on regular programming will depend on whether or not another short-term deal can be locked in.

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