Brock Lesnar Returns At Money in the Bank

In a shocking end to Money in the Bank on Sunday, Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE.

At the end of a fantastic ladder match, Lesnar came down to the ring, took Sami Zayn’s place in the match and won the Money in the Bank briefcase. He’s now arguably the most dangerous man ever to hold a contract to cash in for a title match anytime he wants.

A matchup full of high-spots, insane bumps and endless action, Lesnar “ruined everything” when he interjected himself at the end of the match, climbed the ladder and took home the win, not having to face any of the insane punishment every other WWE Superstar was subjected to. His appearance created a chorus of boos and if WWE’s intent was to get him heat, it certainly worked.

There were rumors Lesnar might show up, but to win the Money in the Bank match was something no one could have seen coming.

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How It All Went Down

Not long into the PPV, Sami Zayn was seen pleading with Triple H for more security. He was worried Braun Strowman might get a hold of him. When Zayn was later found hanging in the backstage area, it was assumed Strowman did, in fact, catch up to him. Zayn was out of the match, Strowman kicked out of the building and after saying he didn’t attack Zayn, the attacker was a mystery.

The match started one man short but after incredible action, Lesnar’s music hit and within a matter of seconds, he was sitting atop the ladder holding the briefcase and laughing.

What’s Next for Lesnar

While it wasn’t stated Lesnar took out Zayn, that has to be the assumption here. WWE will most likely address the situation on Raw and discuss Lesnar’s future with the company.

There are rumors he’ll be facing Seth Rollins at the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia and the briefcase may come into play.

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