Brock Lesnar’s Return To UFC Not A Given

The moment Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Title to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, it was assumed Lesnar and the UFC were a partnership destined to happen. With rumors Lesnar would meet up with Daniel Cormier in the Octagon at some point and with Lesnar’s match being moved to the front of the WrestleMania card so he could leave early, the likelihood seemed even higher.

However, according to Dana White of the UFC, Lesnar’s return might not be such a given.

Dana White did a press conference on Friday and was asked about Brock Lesnar’s speculated fight against Cormier. White described the potential encounter as “on the ropes”. According to a tweet by Ariel Helwani, White has also not spoken to Lesnar for a while.

If UFC and Lesnar have not spoken, it will be interesting to see what this means for Lesnar’s relationship with WWE. Speculation is that he’s not got a current contract with the company and that after WrestleMania 35, there are no future plans for him in the storyline.

Lesnar has been known to use his going back to UFC as leverage for a new deal with WWE and if UFC is not really in the cards, he might not be able to do so this time around if he’s looking to extend with Vince McMahon and company.

Then again, he’s made an obscene amount of money and it could be that he’s ready to take a break. His not speaking with UFC and not having a WWE deal that would keep him on Raw or SmackDown Live could be of his own choosing.

The only way fans will really know the future of Lesnar is if his name is included in the Superstar Shake-up next week. If he’s moved from one roster to another, he’s still part of WWE’s plans. There was speculation he would head to SmackDown at the request of FOX, so we’ll have to see if that happens.

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