Bray Wyatt To Be At Raw on Monday?

PWInsider is reporting that Bray Wyatt is scheduled to be at Monday’s Raw for WWE this week. It’s not clear if he’ll be appearing live in front of the WWE crowd in attendance or if it will be another Firefly Fun House video, but this is the first time he’s being reported as to be “appearing” for WWE since the introduction of his new character.

In line with this report, Wyatt himself tweeted messages this week hinting that he might be “ready”. The hints suggest that he or The Fiend might appear in the ring for the first time to remind fans what he is capable of as a wrestler.

This will be a highly-anticipated moment for Raw if it is, in fact, accurate. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Wyatt’s live appearance since the videos started airing in April.

We, for one, have often wondered how WWE would move from the videos to live appearances. Would they build a set for him like a Miz TV option or just put him in the ring and have him wrestle? It seems as though we may finally find out.

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