Bray Wyatt Talking To Jon Moxley

If there’s one person fans might not have expected Bray Wyatt to try and strike up a conversation with on social media these days, it’s Jon Moxley. Not only does Moxley rarely use Twitter, but Wyatt is also going through a bit of a character change on tv. A change that you wouldn’t expect would cross paths with the former Shield member, now ex-WWE performer.

But, on Tuesday, Wyatt and Moxley did cross paths… sort of.

On Tuesday, the morning after the strangest version or FireFly Fun House yet, Wyatt reached out to members of the Shield, apologizing for his past actions towards them. He said,

“Dear @WWERomanReigns and @WWERollins, I just wanted to let you know that I’m SUPER SORRY for all the atrocities I have committed against you guys over the years. If you ever need a 3rd for a Shield reunion, we are totally down! Best friends?”

In his initial message, he missed Moxley. A fan sent out a survey in response to Wyatt’s tweet asking if fans were liking the new segment and tagged Moxley (likely on behalf of Wyatt).

Wyatt then added to his tweet and said, “Ps. I miss you too @JonMoxley.”

What makes this so interesting is that Moxley hasn’t tweeted anything since posting a video of his new persona minutes after leaving WWE. There’s been no mention of him returning, no discussions about what he’ll do next in wrestling and Wyatt tends to put out cryptic messages on his social media pages. It’s rare to see him directly reach out to someone, especially a wrestler no longer with the company.

Will Moxley Respond?

Wyatt talking to Ambrose is probably not going to lead to Moxley responding to Wyatt. At least, it won’t be done where fans can see it.

And, for members of the WWE Universe thinking and hoping this will lead to Moxley coming back and having a feud with Wyatt, don’t hold your breath. Could it eventually? Sure. Anytime soon? Probably not.

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