Bray Wyatt Debuts “The Fiend”. Best WWE Debut In Recent Memory?

Bray Wyatt has left the “Firefly Fun House” to introduce Finn Bálor and the rest of the WWE Universe to all his new friends … including “The Fiend.” As was mentioned by Corey Graves and Michael Cole at the announce table, it appears Wyatt is here to terrorize WWE.

While the speculation was out there that Wyatt was set to re-debut any day for WWE, it was unclear as to what form that appearance might take. Would he be the kind, yet potentially unhinged character that hosts Firefly Fun House? Or, would it be the underlying demon character “The Fiend” that seemed to be bubbling underneath the surface?

On Monday night, fans learned the latter was going to show his face first when he took out Finn Balor after his loss to Samoa Joe.

Where Now?

WWE has a number of different options. Bray Wyatt can show up in a sweater next week and not have a clue what happened. He can stay The Fiend and run over the WWE roster. Maybe fans see a little of both.

There were no puppets, no introduction of the FireFly Fun House show and nothing that resembled any of the kid-like Wyatt fans had been watching over the past two months.

The debut popped with the fans and expectations are that WWE will move forward with Raw and SmackDown having a large emphasis on the Wyatt character.

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Is this one of the coolest debuts in recent memory on Raw? It was certainly among the most anticipated.

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