Braun Strowman Takes Shot At Indie Wrestlers, Comments on WWE Pay During Crisis

Fans haven’t seen much of Braun Strowman lately. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. He’s at home trolling Internet fans and taking shots at independent wrestlers who are struggling financially during the COVID-19 crisis.

While Strowman has stated people are taking his remarks out of context, there are many who still believe what he said was out of line and insensitive during a time where everyone could use a bit more positivism.

The controversy started when Strowman decided to respond to Evil Uno of AEW who asked fans to support independent wrestling promotions and performers, many of whom are being hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The WWE star tweeted, “Here we go with more of the somebody pay for my bills stuff. If you can’t afford to pay your bills maybe you should change professions.” He added that not being able to pay bills is part of life, to move on and find a way to make money, not resort to asking for handouts on forums like GoFundMe.

One Twitter follower asked, “What would you do if you were going without pay during something like this? Strowman responded with, “I am and it sucks but I’m still working with charity’s to help get funds and supplies to people that can’t physically can’t go out and do it.”

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Since the original tweet (which Strowman deleted), he’s taken a bit of a step back but not backed down completely from his stance. He wrote:

Not saying don’t dream at all. Everyone is taking this so far out of context. It’s this simple sometimes you have to change your dreams. Trust me I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but twice in my life I’ve given up what I loved because I couldn’t survive doing it that’s all.

What’s also interesting of note is Strowman’s comments that he’s not being paid while WWE is on pause. How many Superstars is this affecting, especially at a time where WrestleMania is among the most lucrative of seasons for WWE performers.

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