Braun Strowman Comments On Universal Title Win

Some will argue that if not for a fluke circumstance, Braun Strowman wouldn’t be the champion. That’s probably true. That said, he’s the champion now and if we factor in the next time Goldberg will be back or how quickly Roman Reigns might make a return to WWE, Strowman could be the champion for a while.

That fluke could conceivably turn into a long run.

Strowman won the Universal Championship from Goldberg in a dominating display of monster offense and perseverance. Now, he’ll get a chance to defend the title in a similar fashion. He commented on his win and what it means to know be the champion.

“Like… honestly, like… hearing that in my head right now, I don’t even believe it’s real,” Strowman said. “This is something that so many people have told me I would never achieve. So many people told me I didn’t deserve to because what I have been through in my life and things like that.”

He added, “But this is proof right there that no matter what, if you work your butt off for something you believe in and dream, you can achieve anything. Right here is proof you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

Hopefully, WWE sees it this way too. Hopefully they see a WWE performer who probably should have had this title over a year ago. He was arguably the most popular star in the company and WWE dropped the ball. Maybe now, they’ll realize he’s a man who can take that ball they dropped and run with it.

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