Brandi Rhodes Says AEW Will Crown First Women’s Champion on TNT

Saying it will be the cornerstone of the Women’s Division in AEW, Brandi Rhodes announced through an interview that AEW will crown its first-ever Women’s Champion on AEW’s premiere television episode on TNT.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, AEW determine a winner for the Women’s Title that will be unveiled at All Out on August 31, 2019. How the winner will be determined is unclear but Rhodes also said in that interview, AEW will explain the format for crowning a winner during a “Road to All Out” episode on YouTube next Wednesday.

A show already packed with big names and interesting matches, the announcement that a Women’s Champion will be crowned only adds to the many reasons to tune into that first-ever AEW show on TNT. That episode will feature Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, plus an appearance by Jon Moxley and two surprise mystery partners for Chris Jericho.

Brandi said of the new title, “For many female wrestlers, the opportunity to fight for the title represents the crowning achievement of their careers.” It remains to be seen if Rhodes will include herself in that group. What she did say was that “The AEW women’s championship will be the cornerstone of the women’s division.”

Will Brandi Rhodes Compete For the Title?

My question is this… ‘Will Brandi throw her name into the mix as a competitor for the Women’s Championship?

AEW has a legitimately deep talent roster of women with unique styles and personalities. But, Rhodes has made herself a focal point of the division on recent pay-per-views despite clearly being one of the least experienced performers. Should she include herself, there may be some backlash.

I’m all for having a title for the female roster of AEW. That said, let the best wrestlers in the company compete for it.

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