Booker T Says WWE Can Go With AEW On Any Level

For fans who are under the impression WWE will have trouble keeping up with the talent being forumlated by AEW, Booker T warns not to get ahead of yourself.

During a recent interview on The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker said he thinks AEW is better served to stay in their lane and carve out their own niche. If they try to compete with WWE on a level of in-ring talent, they’ll be surprised because WWE guys can go.

Booker said:

“That would be the smart thing to do because WWE has the most talent in the world. We got everyone on the roster and it wouldn’t be that hard to flip the script and go a different route. The Ricochet’s, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kingston, those guys can really go. You sit back and say do we really want to let them loose that is the question.”

Wrestlers Will Up Their Game

Booker did say, however, that just the existence of AEW with a new tv deal will have everyone upping their game. He recalled being in WCW and watching guys like Triple H go out there and give it everything they had in an effort to be better. Booker says, that;s something that should come as a byproduct of the competitive nature between two promotions.

“When I was in WCW and I was watching WWF/E, I wanted to be better than those guys. I wanted to know if I could compete with those guys, I wanted to know exactly how good I was,” he explained. Booker added that this is where wrestling is now. “The guys are going to have to think totally different as far as How do I make the fans come out here and cheer my name, how do I make the fans think of me as an entity?”

While Booker admits the two companies might not actually be direct competition, it probably won’t feel that way to the wrestlers.

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