Booker T Picks Drew McIntyre As Next King Of The Ring

Guest post by: By “The Raging Reverend” Donny Starr

If you watched Raw, you noticed a number of WWE personalities making their picks and predicting their winners for the King of the Ring Tournament that kicked off on Monday. Among them was WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, one of the most entertaining kings to ever win the tournament.

While speaking over Skype with WWE announcer Michael Cole, the former “King Booka,” said, “Winning the King Of The Ring definitely puts a stamp on your career. It puts that exclamation point on your career.” Claiming the King of the Ring tournament win helped catapult him “to new heights,” Booker added, “if I had to choose one it would be “King Drew” at the end of the day.”

Personal View on King Drew

Drew McIntyre is a good pick. I’m not the only one that feels that way.

According to Daily DDT’s Anthony Mahon:

“Ever since splitting from Dolph Ziggler—and arguably before as well—McIntyre has been seen as the next man up for main event prominence. McIntyre went on an eight-month-long undefeated streak to kick off his main roster return, was in or around main event territory through his battles with The Shield, and has victories over some of the most recognizable names in WWE.”

In many ways, Drew McIntyre has always been “the next man”. Never quite getting over the hump, no one would be surprised to see him as champion, but people tend not to be surprised when he’s not given a title and often overlooked for the Roman Reigns’ and Braun Strowman’s of the world. That should change.

McIntyre needs something that makes him stand out in the Main event conversation on Raw. Becoming King Of The Ring could be that thing. Already equipped with a very “King-ish” look, the moniker as King of WWE would fit his character well.

McIntyre could finally separate himself from the side stories. Finally, he could be his own man, and not someone’s muscle. He deserves that much.

2019 King of The Ring First Round Results

Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro via submission, and Cedric Alexander defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall.

The tournament continues tonight on Smackdown!

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