Bischoff Would Turn Big Star Now That He’s Running SmackDown?

Does Eric Bischoff have the guts to back up what he said in a recent interview? Back in June of 2018, Bischoff stated that he’d turn one particular WWE Superstar heel if he were running the show. Ironically, as of Thursday, he is.

Bischoff was hired by WWE this morning to be the Executive Producer for SmackDown Live and work directly with FOX. Part of this job is overseeing creative. While he reports to Vince on all ideas, could he actually convince McMahon to turn Roman Reigns heel? When he did his interview with host Chris van Vliet, he said that’s exactly what he’d do.

When van Vliet asked if he thought Roman Reign was “over”, Bischoff said, “Over is a subjective term, it means different thing to different people. Clearly, he’s high profile. Is he a fan favorite? No. Has he got the right kind of heat that could be use to advance a storyline? Questionable.” He said he doesn’t think any of that is Roman’s fault.

Bischoff said the way he’s been packaged and presented, he’s been forced down everybody’s throat. van Vliet asked, “Would a heel turn help him?” Bischoff responded with, “I wish they would turn him heel!”

Bischoff added that he really hates when people say they’re going to let the fans decide. He compared the idea of running everything by fans to the likes of a movie director or producer asking the audience if the actor they cast should be a good guy or a bad guy. Bischoff said that the creative being provided for Roman has probably been less than up to par and “if it was me, I’d make him a heel. If he can’t talk, I’d find somebody to talk for him.”

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Will Bischoff change his tune now that he’s actually back with WWE and running the brand that Roman is on? Will Vince balk at the idea of turning Roman heel or has Bischoff changed his mind?

This interview was conducted in June and maybe things have changed.

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