Biggest Takeaways From Raw Superstar-Shake Up (Live Updates)

There were some pretty big news updates from Monday’s Raw, Superstar Shake-up edition.

The Miz Moved to Raw

The Miz is the first member of the SmackDown roster to switch brands and he’s now the only WWE Superstar to move brands each and every time WWE holds one of these Superstar Shake-Ups.

He attacked Shane McMahon to open the show.

War Raiders Become The Viking Experience

In one of the biggest shocks of the night, the War Raiders appear to have been drafted from NXT and will now be part of the Raw roster. Unfortunately, they are no longer known as the War Raiders but now will be called the Viking Experience.

They picked up a win in their first match, but the name is still awful.

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Andrade Debuts

Andrade was the second SmackDown roster member to make the switch. He took on Finn Balor and picked up the win in a non-title match. This is hopefully the reboot Andrade needed to get a significant push in WWE.

His match with Balor was extremely good considering Raw isn’t always known for its fantastic contests.

Rey Mysterio Moves to Raw

Another SmackDown Live competitor to move brands was Rey Mysterio who surprised Elias during his musical performance only to be attacked and destroyed by Lars Sullivan.

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WWE Plays Up Banks Drama

In a WWE exclusive, WWE played up all the drama that was Sasha Banks over the past week. Bayley was on the phone trying to get a hold of her tag team partner. With no luck, it wasn’t long before she was interrupted by the current Women’s Tag Champions.

The Iiconics made fun of Bayley only to have The Hugger say “If it’s a fight you want, I’ll meet you in the ring.” She added that she could find a partner.

Does this mean WWE really doesn’t know what the story is with Banks and they are planting the seeds for life without her? Or, is this just their way of working with the buzz that was the Banks story going viral on social media?

Usos Move as Expected

One of the teams everyone expected to change brands were the Usos. With their tag team title loss to the Hardy Boyz last week on SmackDown, it was assumed that would lead to the Usos moving over to Mondays. They did and took on Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

Sami Zayn Gets Montreal Crowd Going

Zay returned to Montreal and got the live audience going in a major way. With three musical entrances, he milked the reception from the fans only to knock them. “I love the city. It’s the people I can’t stand.”

Proving Zayn has a way of working the mic and getting the crowd going, he nailed another promo.

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WWE Keeps Husband and Wife Together

Naomi was announced as Bayley’s tag team partner for her match against the Iiconics keeping Jimmy and Naomi together.

SAnitY Split?

WWE announced that Eric Young was going to Raw but said nothing about the rest of SAnitY. Does that mean they aren’t moving? Or, will they be moved later and announced on

Lacey Evans Finally Speaks, And Wrestles

WWE finally put Lacey Evans in the ring on Monday as she took on Natalya in a match. Getting the win with a sweet moonsault move, she also leveled Nattie with two solid knees to the gut. That probably didn’t feel good.

New Bray Wyatt Puppet Promo

The WWE Universe got a new puppet promo from what we can only assume is Bray Wyatt. This time, showing a rocking horse and wooden female doll, WWE hinted at the idea that perhaps the Sister Abigail character is not dead.

AJ Styles Joins Raw

Styles was the big move of the night as he joined the Raw roster in the main event. He joined two members of the Shield as he helped the team of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns take on Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley.

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