Big Show Wants Next Spot In Firefly Fun House Match

During an interview with, WWE veteran The Big Show spoke highly of what he watched when he saw the Firefly Funhouse Match from WrestleMania for the first time.

Noting that he believes he witnessed something incredible between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, he wants a shot to be next.

On how that match was presented and what it actually meant:

“For that to come full circle and tell that story, and take the fans on this incredible journey of what might have been, of what could be, and John Cena to basically go through hell and live his worst nightmare – it showed his talent and dedication. It was great for Bray. I think it opened a door to be more entertaining in so many different ways.

On whether or not he would go through the same sort of match:

I know I would sign up for the same kind of program if I was working with Bray Wyatt! I would definitely sign up to have my mind picked apart! I think it would be very entertaining to go through that and do that tortured perspective of trying to convey the hurt, pain and frustration!”

Big Show Makes Sense For Many Reasons

Like Cena, Big Show has a storied past in the wrestling industry. From his time being portrayed as Andre the Giant’s son in WCW to his inclusion and then exclusion from the NWO to a move to WWE, there are many stories to tell.

This is a character who has flipped so many times from heel to babyface and back to heel, it’s become somewhat of a running joke in wrestling. The material Wyatt would have to use would be endless.

And, Show would have no qualms about doing the job for Wyatt and he’s proven to be quite the actor with his new show on Netflix. He could pull this off in a heartbeat.

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