Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre Apparently The Real WrestleMania Main Event

In a strange twist, WWE Raw showed footage of the new WWE Champion after WrestleMania had come to a close cutting a promo in the ring Sunday night. What was supposed to be an interview, turned into a successsful first title defense.

In a segment that closed Monday’s Raw, WWE teased the idea that they would be showing “shocking” footage of what went down after WrestleMania went off the air. While conducting an in-ring interview, Big Show made a surprise appearance and called Drew out for not being a fighting champion.

McIntyre said he wasn’t sure why Show was dressed to compete because he had no intentions of wrestling again. He’d literally just won the title minutes earlier. Big Show said he didn’t care to fight him for the title, he just wanted to fight. Drew said no until Show slapped him. That was when McIntyre accepted.

In what was a “bonus” match that seems to technically be the main event of WrestleMania 36, McIntyre got the win and successfully defended his championship for the first time.

The idea must have been to show he was not just a fighting champion but one that would fight under insane circumstances.

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