Big Match Pulled From AEW’s Double or Nothing

It appears the match between Hangman Page and PAC is off for AEW’s Double or Nothing.

Apparently, since winning the Open the Dream Gate Title with Dragon Gate, PAC isn’t willing to lose clean to his opponents and because of creative differences, AEW has pulled the match. According to AEW wanted to “present a sports-like atmosphere”, had a plan for Page and PAC’s match and PAC isn’t going along with it.

If this is an accurate report and PAC is really unwilling to go along with the creative from AEW, this is not a good sign. As Neville, he left WWE, in part, because he was upset that WWE was giving the rub to Enzo over himself. Now that he’s not showing up to Double or Nothing because he’s unwilling to lose to Page, this doesn’t set him up to be viewed at in a good light.

If this is storyline related, it’s an interesting idea by everyone involved in this match.

Did PAC and Page Already Have Their Match?

Adam Page made a surprise appearance at today’s Wrestle Gate Pro event in Nottingham, England to confront PAC. The two had a match, which Page won via disqualification and many are calling this the match to replace their Double or Nothing bout. Afterward, PAC got in Page’s face and told him he wouldn’t be going to Double or Nothing and to tell his “friends” he wouldn’t be coming to AEW.

There is speculation PAC isn’t actually signed to an AEW contract and that he might choose not to join them. It is now expected Page will have a new opponent at AEW’s first-ever PPV and it is also expected AEW will air this match from England at a later date.

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