Behind-the-Scenes Details of the Firefly Fun House Match

Along with the Boneyard Match, the Firefly Fun House segment is getting a ton of praise from WWE fans and the executives in WWE, including Vince McMahon. Some behind-the-scenes details are being shared online today and it’s interesting to see what all went into a spectacle few people expected.

The idea was to take Cena through the questions he might have about his own career in his own mind. Show him his own failures and potentially what might have happened to his career had he made a few different choices. At the end of the match, when the promo from the last SmackDown was played where Cena is saying he’ll erase the most over-hyped, over-priviliged WWE superstar in existence, the idea was that he was talking about himself all along.

First off, the entire shoot was produced by the WWE crew in Stamford, CT and the props used came from the warehouse near the company headquarters. Most of the creative ideas came from Bray Wyatt but a lot of praise is going to both Bruce Prichard and John Cena, who came in near the end of the creative process and tweaked a few things.

“The Firefly Fun House was Bruce Prichard and Bray,” Dave Meltzer said. “There were a lot of changes made by John Cena [and] supposedly for the better. That was what was told to me.”

It is also being noted that Vince McMahon liked and approved the “it’s good sh*t” line that came from his puppet and he saw the final edit before airing it. This is a line McMahon is apparently known for saying backstage which is why the idea was even first pitched. He had no issue with it and actually enjoyed the match.

Will Fans See More Of This?

There is some talk that WWE might do more of these type of shoots, specifically when it comes to Wyatt’s character. They need creative ideas during the shutdown in production and his Wyatt, this type of craziness makes sense.

There is also talk of WWE pushing a program where Wyatt will challenge Braun Strowman for the Universal Title.

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