Behind-the-Scenes Boneyard Match Production Details

The two matches most people are talking about from WrestleMania 36 are the Firefly Fun House Match and the The Boneyard Match. The latter was a bout between AJ Styles and The Undertaker and was seen as a big success by people in WWE.

There are some production details now coming to light about what all went into creating the look and feel of that match. And, with WWE possibly having to find creative ways to shoot matches going forward, there may be more of this kind of thing in the near future.

WWE hired an outside company to build the set for the match, a process that took five days to complete. Reports are, the Druids were all local to the area. Once the actors were on set, it took about eight hours to shoot. Apparently they started around 9 pm and finished at 5 am. Once done, it took a whole week to deconstruct the set.

Photos from the set of the Boneyard have popped up online. It took quite a few people and a ton of creativity to shoot this match.

Jeremy Borash, who works at NXT and was quite instrumental in the old Matt Hardy shoots for Impact Wrestling was heavily involved in the Boneyard Match production but The Undertaker and AJ Styles were said to have improvised all of their dialgoue.

The blood on Undertaker’s arm was real and wasn’t supposed to happen, but after putting his hand through the window and being ok, they kept filming.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Michael Hayes and Paul Levesque were also involved.

And, the Styles’ hand reaching up through the dirt was a last-minute addition to the match and wasn’t meant to signal Styles being gone from WWE for any significant amount of time. Triple H and Michael Hayes found the prop hand and thought it would be a cool way to pay tribute to Undertaker’s Buried Alive match with Mankind in 1996.

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