Becky Lynch to Sign Multi-Year WWE Extension

In a time where a number of WWE Superstars are using the leverage of AEW and negotiating with WWE for better deals, one star who won’t need to worry about going anywhere soon seems to be Becky Lynch. It is being reported that arguably the biggest star on the female roster, perhaps in all of WWE, has signed a big-time extension to stay with WWE.

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE has offered Lynch a multi-year contract which come with a raise, and if the deal isn’t already done, it is “expected to put pen to paper soon.”

This news comes just days after WWE announced that the Raw Women’s Championship match between Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey would headline WrestleMania 35, giving the females their first ever chance to close the biggest show of the year to the WWE’s biggest audience.

This is a smart move by WWE to lock up one of their biggest stars and for Lynch, this is a great time to capitalize on a tremendous year. Not since Steve Austin or Daniel Bryan has a superstar captivated an audience the way Lynch has over the past few months. Her appeal, along with Rousey’s marketability, made it a fairly easy decision for WWE to give this match the main stage.

It’s amazing when you think about the fact that just one year ago, Lynch was on the undercard of the show as part of the Women’s Battle Royal and really not making much of a dent in WWE.

Today, she’s one of the company’s biggest stars and she’s about to get rewarded well for taking that proverbial brass ring folks in WWE so often talk about.

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