Becky Lynch Shoots On Rob Gronkowski and WWE

Part of the reason Becky Lynch is so popular these days is because she says what she’s thinking without much of a filter. One look at her social media accounts and you can see over and over instances where she’s ripped into fellow superstars, over the last month taking aim mostly at her WrestleMania 35 opponent Ronda Rousey.

Well, Lynch’s comments are just saved for the former MMA star now turned Raw Women’s Champion.

TMZ Sports caught up with Lynch at the airport and asked for her opinion on the rumors that former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski might be giving WWE some thought post his football career. Lynch said, “He’s already been at WrestleMania hasn’t he?”

She went on to throw a little shade at the idea of Gronk at another WrestleMania in the future. “Wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t that be nice to never have done anything in wrestling and just go into WrestleMania. I would love that.”

Speaking of her own experience, she added, “Some of us almost get fired and then have to work our way and scratch and claw our way back up, other people are like ‘Here you go. Here’s your debut match at WrestleMania’.

Of course, these comments also speak to her opponent in a few days, Ronda Rousey. Her debut match was at WrestleMania last year and was a show stealer in many respects. While this all could be Lynch still in character, perhaps these comments speak to a bit of underlying resentment that still exists because Lynch’s popularity has been gained organically over the past few months. For Gronkowski, he’s a name draw all by himself simply because of his achievements in the NFL.

Does this mean Gronk will show up at this year’s WrestleMania? He might, although it’s not likely he’ll have anything to do with Lynch at the show.

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