WWE Goes With What They Know: Raw Women’s Championship Result

There was certainly debate about whether or not WWE was going to put their faith in Shayna Baszler. The newest monster to work her way through the Women’s Division, her dominance at the Elimination Chamber made it seem like WWE had made up their minds.

There were also rumors Lynch might be taking a bit of a break after WrestleMania 36 with fiance Seth Rollins.

It appears WWE is going to continue to go with what they know as Becky Lynch has retained her Raw Women’s Championship with a roll-up victory.

Lynch pulled up in her customized truck while Baszler was all business on her way to the ring. The action was fairly even early on. Back-and-forth action didn’t see anyone get the upper hand until a few minutes into the bout. It was Baszler who started taking it to the champ.

Both competitors wound up on the apron of the ring exchanging blows. Lynch landed a Rock Bottom on Baszler to turn the tide and get a close three-count.

In the end, Lynch was able to pull a quick roll-up win over Baszler as the announcers asked if this was going to shatter the confidence of the challenger who looked on as she left the ringside area. She didn’t seem to be done with her opponent.

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