Becky Lynch Calling Out Unhappy WWE Female Stars

This weekend’s WWE news centered a lot around the buzz that is or isn’t Sasha Banks and Bayley’s unhappiness in WWE. Banks pulled out of a public appearance on the Wendy Williams show following WrestleMania 35 and the Internet went into full speculation mode when Banks tweeted some general and somewhat cryptic tweets about her perceived level of happiness.

There was no indication she was speaking specifically about WWE and her and Bayley losing the tag team titles but it was assumed as much and when future reports about the two of them pouting in the WWE locker room and the hotel about losing the straps surfaced, social media went a bit nuts.

Meanwhile, one WWE Superstar who isn’t unhappy with her spot in the company is Becky Lynch. Recently crowned the winner of both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships, Lynch is known for seeing opportunities and capitalizing on them.

With the buzz surrounding Lynch, she didn’t waste time getting in on the fun. With two tweets in a matter of days, she called out both Banks and Bayley to fights.

At first, Lynch called out Banks and simply said, “Fight me.” Fans took it as Lynch going to bat for Banks and suggesting WWE put her in a spot to have a main event match for the title, elevating Banks up the card.

Bayley then responded and said, “We liked your match.” This was interesting on a couple front because it showed that after losing their tag titles, both women stuck around long enough to watch the main event and both were smiling despite reports of their unhappiness.

Lynch then answered with, “I’d love to slap your head off too.”

Why Is Lynch Involved Now?

More and more, the information that comes out seems to demonstrate that this whole story has been blown out of proportion. Clearly, Banks and Bayley did not leave the arena, they’ve been photographed with the new tag team champs in the Iiconics after winning the belts and all the women of WWE are now messaging each other. If this was really an issue, it doesn’t seem logical that everyone would be so willing to communicate so openly.

Then again, some fans will assume this is all just cover-up to make the story calm down a little.

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