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Bayley Snaps AGAIN: Why We Love it So Much

Bayley stopped Sasha Banks from beating Becky Lynch with a chair on Monday Night RAW last night, only to land a few shots of her own. The crowd loved it and I think we all know why.

Bayley’s like the female version of John Cena sans the championships. There, I said it. Now, we can proceed.  She’s been in this type of “Could be, Should be” level of wrestling in the main roster for a while, only to be nothing more than the Bridesmaid.

We’ve seen this before with Becky Lynch, and now we have The Man.

There’s a similar type of evolution occurring with Bayley. First, there is the “I’ve had enough” beat downs. For her, they occurred during her time as Sasha Banks’ tag partner. Remember the storyline where Banks was making mistakes that resulted in them losing matches? Only for Bayley to snap and beat her like she stole her boyfriend? Yes, we all remember it. Why? Because that’s what we all wanted to happen. The crowd reaction says it all.


I think for Babyfaces there comes a point in their career where people are just tired of seeing them get screwed over for opportunities. When Bayley cashed in her Money In The Bank contract this year it was different. Usually the underhanded Heels do such a thing. For a Face? That’s not honorable! Yet everyone loved it. Why? Like the character of Bayley, we were tired of seeing her come up short.

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Now we witness the rise of the “Forgotton Queen”. She’s now part of the conversation wants it to remain that way. Reuniting her with Banks as a singles competitor is gold. Let’s face it, these two together is a win for WWE. They gave us what’s considered the best NXT Women’s Championship bout of our time. Every one of the Horsewomen have enjoyed success at the Singles level. It’s Bayley’s turn, and I think we’re only at the beginning of this story. Like most wrestling stories, it began with a few chair shots.

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