Backstage Reports on the Atmosphere Among Talent At Raw Today

Despite growing scrutiny, WWE is moving ahead with live shows that will emanate out of the WWE Performance Center. Until a legal entity shuts them down, it appears Vince McMahon has made the decision that live shows will be the plan going forward.

Much of the speculation as to the decision why stems from the fine print in his television contracts with NBC Universal and Fox, which include that WWE must produce at all of their shows live (with the exception of three per year) or they risk having the contracts renegotiated. And, as networks struggle with financial losses, stemming from the coronavirus, the assumption is these networks would love to re-work their respective deals.

Of course, there is also news today that Vince McMahon and the XFL filed for bankruptcy which has put him in a fairly sour mood.

With all this going on, what is the mood backstage at Raw today as wrestlers arrive to shoot the show?

Recently, popular wrestling rumors reporters WrestleVotes noted that the mood backstage in WWE today is a bit uncertain. As Raw prepares to go live on Monday night, the talent taking part in the show have mixed reactions as to their involvement.

They write:

Source states mood at the PC today is that of uncertainty. Many know they shouldn’t be there, but realize this is their job. And as unfortunate as it may sound, they can all pull out 1 by 1, and the show will still go on. WWE will always have a big enough roster to continue.

Now, there are some wrestlers who have already gone on record to say they are happy WWE is moving forward. And, as the show goes live, certainly, not every Superstar will be used every week, which means large breaks between talent needing to work. Still, there are others who are likely fearing for their jobs.

As WWE calls on certain talent to work, many know they need to come and risk being on WWE’s sh-t list if they refuse. They’ve been told they don’t need to be involved, but the pressure to provide entertainment during this virus has been WWE’s very public stance and wrestlers don’t want to be seen as not going along with that. Others know this opportunity might not come around again.

For stars like Brock Lesnar, this is no big deal. For someone like Drew McIntyre, he needs to be on Raw each week as the brand’s new champion. Every Superstar is different and there is an auro of uneasiness around the production today.

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