Arrow Star Stephen Amell Gets New Wrestling-Related Show

If you liked Arrow, or more specifically, you liked actor Stephen Amell who played the title role, you’ll love the news that he’s not leaving your television screens. With a new project that’s just been given the go-ahead on Starz, Amell will be the lead in a new show called Heels.

According to Deadline and other entertainment news breakers like Variety, Amell and his new show have been greenlit for an eight-episode series about the wrestling industry and a family who tries to function within it.

The hour-long drama is set in small Georgia community and follows a family-owned wrestling promotion. The father passes and two brothers battle over who gets to run the company. Amell will play the role of Jack Spade and take on the heel (bad guy) role and his brother the babyface (good guy). But that’s in the ring.

Outside of the ring, Amell’s character is a real-life babyface, described as a hard-working owner, a husband and father trying to make ends meet.

Must Be a Dream Job For Amell

As wrestling fans know, Amell is perhaps the biggest wrestling nerd in Hollywood. He’s been friends with Cody Rhodes and part of shows and matches Rhodes has been involved with for WWE and his own projects.

This will be a must-watch for wrestling fans who are always into wrestling-related content that isn’t necessarily WWE or AEW action but covers the industry they love so much.

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