Are You An Ospreay Guy or a Rollins Guy?

With the debate raging on between WWE and the rest of the wrestling world, more specifically, Will Ospreay and Seth Rollins, we want to know where you sit?

What started somewhat innocently on social media has turned into a heated exchange between WWE talents like Rollins, Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin and Will Ospreay, Chris Jericho and others.

How the Ospreay vs. Rollins Beef Began

Will Ospreay is an indie wrestling star who’s also become famous for his work in New Japan Pro Wrestling has a right to consider himself among the best wrestlers in the world. He just might be.

Then again, Seth Rollins has proven, sitting at the top of the wrestling mountain as WWE Universal Champion, that he’s no slouch either.

That said, the wrestling community often likes to trash WWE because they are the “big guy” and their shows have been less-than-stellar (although much improved over the past couple of weeks) and cheer for the underdog. In this fight, Rollins is the giant and Ospreay the underdog.

As wrestling fans everywhere took aim at WWE, Rollins was getting tired of hearing his friends and roster-mates take a hit, He finally shot back. Rollins stood up for WWE and said that the company who employs him has “hands down” the best wrestling talent in the world. He then doubled down on his comments after watching Stomping Grounds and being proud of his roster for showing their stuff. When he challenged anyone to find a wrestler who was better than he was as often as he was, indie star Will Ospreay stepped forward.

With a simple “I”m alive” response, the war was on.

Rollins then responded with:

“Ahhhh I’m sorry little guy. We already have a better version of you here and he just won his first US Title tonight (Congrats @KingRicochet). Keep working hard though buddy!

It’s hard to know if the comment was meant as a direct dig or more a way to showcase Ricochet, but the words felt a bit harsh in their delivery.

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That Wasn’t the End of It

Since then, fans have chimed in, many suggesting Rollins should cool his jets. He replied:

Nah dawg, let me dial it up. I’ve sat back and watched idiots with no clue talk poorly about the place I dedicate my life to EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. The level I perform at on constant is untouchable. Time to let em know.

Essentially, Rollins is tired of sitting back and letting others trash the promotion he works for. Roman Reigns and others like Baron Corbin have added their own comments, and not long ago, Rollins came out and was critical of former Shield member Dean Ambrose saying he doesn’t agree with Moxley taking aim at WWE when it’s clear not everyone can handle the rigors of working with the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Ospreay, on the other hand, has argued he wrestled more dates and is better than anyone. When Rollins called Ospreay ‘little guy” and claimed Ricochet was better, AEW star Chris Jericho stepped in and joked that Ospreay was actually bigger than Rollins (likely both literally and figuratively).

Jericho then made another comment about WWE having the “best wrestling on the planet” and sarcastically posted a photo of the Tug of War contest between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman.

We reached out to Jericho and suggested everyone should take a step back and a good look in the mirror at what their respective promotions actually are. We claimed:

“I don’t think either promotion should be making comments like “best wrestling” when not all of the product on either show is always about wrestling. Both AEW and WWE veer from real in-ring wrestling skill. That’s the point of entertainment.”

To prove a point, we then posted a .gif of Orange Cassidy to demonstrate that Jericho’s employer, AEW, doesn’t stick to just the best wrestling action when selling their shows.

Where Do You Sit?

This debate could last forever. It’s bound to get uglier before it calms down. Where do you sit?

What we like is that the wrestlers are stepping up and defending their own promotions. This is great, right or wrong.

But, with comments like “no wonder Raw sucks” from Ospreay in response to Baron Corbin stepping into the conversation and saying he’s wrestled more than Ospreay in 2019 or Jericho putting his two cents in, how can we not ask the question.

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