Apollo Crews Officially Moved to Raw Brand

Answering the question about whether or not WWE was going to continue bringing in new stars, WWE brought in another new member to Raw, announcing Apollo Crews was being moved from SmackDown wherever he’s been to Raw.

There was no hint Crews would join the roster, nor was there any kind of hint the Superstar Shakeup or the draft was still in effect. He was simply brought out as the opponent for Aleister Black and the announce crew then said he was part of a group of WWE draft picks that were about to expire.

The phrasing doesn’t exactly make sense but, needless to say, WWE plans on shuffling the roster a bit between this Monday, Wednesday’s NXT and Friday’s SmackDown. I guess that’s not a bad thing.

At least WWE is doing something with these Superstars and it could hint at other moves in the next few days.

For Crews, things looked good for a while too. He was showing well against one of the hottest Superstars on any roster, sending the match through two different sets of commercial breaks. Fans on social media breathed a sigh of relief, as if to suggest WWE had finally realized they had some untapped talent. Win or lose, a lot of people would be talking about Crews’ performance.

Unfortunately, by the time the match was over, Crews tried to climb the ropes with a bum knee and got caught. Eventually, he was on the receiving end of a Black Mass and took the loss.

Despite his talent and how he showed on Raw, there’s a good chance he’s going to go from jobbing on one brand to jobbing on another, but hopefully he showed well enough to get someone’s attention behind the scenes.

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