Alleged Bully Ray Incident Being Examined by ROH

We’re reporting on this story knowing that, at this point, the fan who is telling it could be making this up. With that in mind, we’ll call all parties innocent until proven otherwise.

Bully Ray is apparently being investigated by Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) for an incident that a fan claims took place at a recent show.

According to the fan, he was at an ROH event this past weekend and booing Allure (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Mandy Leon). The way he describes his behavior, he was doing nothing out of the ordinary. He was booing and talking trash to the bad guys and cheering the good guys.

He said some words were exchanged between him and the group, specifically with Velvet Sky, when Mandy Leon allegedly spit on him. As he recounts the incident, he didn’t care that he got spit on but he did keep up his act as a fan who was jeering the bad guys.

He said when the group came out for their second segment on the show, the wrestlers got in his face and exchanged words again. He said Velvet Sky challenges him to the ring and calls him a pu–y. He shouts back some insults, name-dropping Bully Ray and they go backstage.

He then said security pulled him backstage and Bully Ray wanted to have a few words with him. When security left, it was Bully and himself and it was clear the idea was to intimidate him. Not wanting to cause trouble, after Bully said, “I heard there was incident tonight with you and some of the girls’ ‘Uh… yeah? I guess’ *I’m so lost* ‘So here’s the deal. You’re done talking down to them. You need to treat them with respect. Don’t be saying anything you wouldn’t say to your mom, you got it?!'”

He said after he said, “Yes sir.” Bully told him ,’End of convo. Go be a fan’ he was ushered back to his seat.

Hearing this story, Wrestling Inc. reached out to ROH and got a response. ROH General Manager Greg Gilleland provided Wrestling Inc. the following statement:

ROH has always taken fan-first approach, with fan experience being at the forefront of all of our live events. We consider this to be very serious and will be conducting an internal review over the next 48 hours to determine the appropriate actions.

If this is all true, it sounds like Bully didn’t do any physical harm to the fan and he was allowed to watch the rest of the show, but if the two were left alone in the room with no security and the idea was intimidate the paying fan, there could be serious consequences for Bully Ray.

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