Alexa Bliss Says She Wants WrestleMania Main Event Winner

Even though she hasn’t been in the ring much, that hasn’t stopped WrestleMania 35 host, Alexa Bliss from thinking she’s capable of taking the WWE Women’s Championships from whoever holds the titles once the biggest WWE show of the year comes and goes.

Bliss was recently spotted by TMZ where she was asked what her plan for the future is and she responded that she has her eye on whoever wins the WrestleMania main event. She was hoping it would be The Queen Charlotte Flair.

“My plan is, ya know, whoever wins that women’s main event, that’s who I got my eyes on.”

“Charlotte Flair is who I’m rooting for, and that’s who I want to happen. Because ya know, I feel like with the story and how everything is going on, the other 2, ya know, have gotten a little cocky, and I feel like the queen is the one who can humble them.”

While most aren’t predicting Charlotte to come out the winner on Sunday, seeing Alexa Bliss back in the title hunt would make a lot of fans happy. While talented on the mic and a suitable host for WrestleMania 35, she’s much more suited to be in the ring.

I guess it’s just a matter of whether or not she’s injured or waiting for the right moment.

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