Alexa Bliss Says “My Career Is Just Fine”

Just a few days ago WWE announced that Alexa Bliss was being replaced by Nikki Cross at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The early speculation was that concussion issues were stopping Bliss from being medically cleared from performing.

The change meant the match would include Naomi, Natalya, Dana Brooke, Bayley, Mandy Rose, Carmella, Ember Moon, and Cross.

Reports then surfaced that Bliss’ issues might be serious. One media outlet went so far as to suggest her career was in jeopardy. On Saturday, Bliss took to social media to try and squash any speculation.

After Ringside News wrote an article titled, “Alexa Bliss’ Career Could Be In Jeopardy After Another Concussion”, Bliss wrote, “My career is just fine. Thank you for the concern though.”

Ringside News has often received criticism for quickly publishing articles for the purposes of getting traffic. This is the same site that posted a recording of the Ashley Massaro 911 call when his body was discovered this past week and Massaro ended up passing away. Their article on Bliss did say they were pulling for her but could not confirm that she had, in fact, sustained a concussion.

The site wrote a follow-up piece on the comments from Bliss saying that they are pulling for her and that they did not necessarily mean her career was over since there are many options for her even if she can’t wrestle in the future.

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You Better Not Sneeze

Zelina Vega then took to Twitter to chime in and say the next thing you know is that if you sneeze in public, the Internet will say you’re in a coma.

It’s seems clear that Bliss is suffering from an injury but now serious it is remains unclear. As talented as Bliss is, there’s no reason to think that she can’t take her character in many directions, even if there’s something more serious going on here. We can all only hope that’s not the case and that she has plenty of matches left for fans to witness.

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