Alexa Bliss Announces Four Raw Stars for Money in the Bank

To kick off Monday’s Raw, Alexa Bliss opened the show by announcing four names that would be taking part in the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches on May 19, 2019.

Bliss first confirmed there will be eight men and eight women in each Ladder Match (four from Raw and four from SmackDown), and then one-by-one she brought the men from Raw down to the ring. The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman came first. The high-flyer Ricochet followed, then came Drew McIntyre and finally, Baron Corbin.

All the men were in the ring and started taking jabs at one another over their previous experiences (or lack thereof) and it didn’t take long before things got out of control.

As the conversations broke down the four men started to call each other out, ultimately ending in a challenge by Strowman for a tag match that would feature Braun and Ricochet vs. McIntyre and Corbin — a match Ricochet and Strowman would eventually win.

The announcers let fans know that Bliss would be back on the show later to list the four women from Raw that would be participants in the Women’s match but did not reveal if the SmackDown Live roster would be named on Monday.

Some Money in the Bank Surprises

There were earlier rumors that other competitors would be included in the match thanks to an ad that was “leaked” prior to Monday’s show. It turns out the ad was wrong as neither Rey Mysterio nor Cesaro were part of the group of men taking part in the match.

Is Strowman the early favorite? It seems so and these four men make for the beginnings of one of the deepest crop of stars in Money in the Bank Ladder match history. The list won’t be final until four names are announced from the blue brand.

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