AJ Styles Hinting At Club Reunion

With the Superstar Shake-up coming to Raw and SmackDown next week, names and faces will be moving and switching brands on the regular as the red and blue brands try to reshape their rosters. One WWE Superstar is already hinting at how he’d like to see things go.

AJ Styles took to social media on Wednesday and suggested he’d like to see a Too Sweet reunion that would include himself, Finn Balor and The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Wouldn’t we all.

Long-time friends from their days in Japan, the Club was a faction that was hinted at by WWE in the early days of Anderson and Gallows showing up, but the group never included Finn Balor. When Styles was then move to SmackDown to become the house that AJ Styles built, the group was forgotten.

Fast forward a couple of years and there has been speculation Anderson and Gallows aren’t exactly happy with their role in WWE, Styles doesn’t hold the WWE Championship and could potentially use a new storyline and Balor just won the Intercontinental Title. Why not put all four members on SmackDown Live and eventually have them feud with a group like Undisputed Era? Calling upon the days when factions would face each other, this could be a big win for WWE and their new deal with FOX.

Obviously, we don’t know how the Superstar Shake-up is going to go and perhaps WWE talent doesn’t either. And, if Styles is just putting the feelers out there, then it may or may not happen. But, if perhaps he knows something we don’t, maybe there’s a plan in the works to bring all of these guys back together.

When you think about it, it’s hard to believe that WWE has had one of the greatest wrestling factions within their roster and has yet to build up it.

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