Aiden English Says WWE Fired Over 100 People On Wednesday

One of the many names released yesterday was Aiden English. A former WWE competitor and more recently announcer for 205 Live, English posted a video on Thursday thanking everyone for their support.

What’s also interesting about the video is that English seems to confirm what was only rumored as far more releases that most fans realize took place yesterday.

English says in the video, “It’s about the people you guys didn’t hear about, the hundreds of employees at our corporate that in a similar situation now, behind the scenes personnel how are all incredibly talented.” He added, “It’s a rough one.”

From there English went on to say that thousands of people around the country are in similar or worse situations and called this “defining moment in our history.” This is the time that shows everyone who they really are. He plans to do whatever it takes to get through this. “This is an opportunity to get and you can all do it.”

How Big Was What WWE Did?

There were reports Wednesday that more releases were coming and the total could be in the hundreds by the time all this is done. According to English, WWE is already at that point.

Essentially, for WWE fans who are beating WWE up for the decisions to fire certain talents, thinking they will jump to AEW and blasting Vince McMahon for letting them go, these fans might need to realize this is far bigger than about 30 public names that were released Wednesday. If WWE is letting as many as 70 or more corporate employees go, these cutbacks are far more reaching than anyone probably realizes.

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