Agent Dean Malenko Gone From WWE, Joins Starrcast II

It is being reported by Sports Illustrated that WWE road agent Dean Malenko has quit his job with WWE.

Malenko was known to most fans as a popular member and innovator in WCW’s Cruiserweight Division. He then became part of WWE’s faction The Radicalz. One of the best technicians in wrestling, he was also known as The Man on 1000 holds. His real name, Dean Simon, Malenko was a respected voice backstage for the company and his departure comes as somewhat of a shock, even if there is news of other producers and writers leaving the company.

Malenko had been a backstage agent for the past eight years, booking matches and helping groom young talent. Considering, in response to WWE first-quarter losses, it wasn’t just 24 hours ago Triple H cited the fact WWE likes to make stars and not find them, the role of someone like Malenko to the long-term success of WWE is imperative.

What’s Next for Malenko?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone if an announcement is forthcoming that he’ll have joined the newly created All Elite Wrestling. The first step seems to already be happening as on Friday, it was announced Malenko had joined the talent roster to be part of Starrcast II.

Things are changing rapidly backstage in WWE and while the company might have a plan, from the outside looking in, there is growing concern. Some of the most talented writers, agents and producers are leaving the company and they’re doing so quickly.

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