AEW: Shawn Spears Officially Signs Contract

It took longer than many may have expected given his appearance at Double or Nothing, but Shawn Spears is officially All Elite as he’s signed his contract with the company.

This is a big step for Spears as he is committing to AEW after being underutilized in WWE from the get-go despite having a vast amount of fan support during his stint in NXT.

Spears has proven throughout his career that he’s as hard-working as anybody in the industry. He is also as good a performer as anybody in the world and because of this, he should find himself used with regularity under the AEW umbrella in a way that’s beneficial to himself and AEW who are looking to continue this upward trajectory that Double or Nothing did nothing but amplify.

While Spears may not ever become the No. 1 wrestler within AEW, there’s no reason he should have ever been kept in such a minor role in WWE for as long as he was outside of the company having too many mouths to feed and not enough air-time to give everybody a piece of the pie.

In a recent interview done with Chris Van Vliet, Spears would mention that his release was granted by WWE despite the fact that he was offered a substantial raise to his salary. Rather than hearing the number, he ultimately chose to continue forward with the request for his release as he was afraid to live with regret.

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With AEW, Spears has a chance to prove that he should have never been cast aside as second-fiddle. It’s refreshing to see him land so quickly on his feet in what is arguably the second-biggest wrestling promotion on the planet already despite only putting on the one official event.

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