Sammy Guevara Wasn’t Interested in WWE Over AEW

Whenever a wrestler chooses to sign with a company outside of the WWE despite there being some interest, the decision is obviously going to be questioned. When the top company in the industry expresses interest, it seems almost like a no-brainer to sign with them first and ask questions later.

For Sammy Guevara, a standout with the National Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling and AAA among other companies, the decision to sign with AEW was an easy one as WWE was simply not an option for him at this time.

The 25-year-old Guevara had a tryout with the company in 2017 and despite the fact that he is on their Radar, he mentioned in an interview with Wrestling Inc on the WINCLY Podcast that he had absolutely no interest in signing with them even if they had offered him a contract.

“I have no interest in going to WWE at the moment, which is very weird for me to say. If I ever do go there, I want my name to be at a much higher point. When I was at the tryout a couple of years ago, back in 2017, it kind of opened my eyes. It’s like, oh, if I don’t have a pretty big following of big names, they kind of don’t give an f- about you.”

Guevara would explain his stance by going into the sheer size of the talent pool that WWE currently has under contract on Raw, SmackDown Live and their NXT brands.

“Especially, there’s too many guys signed at the moment,” Guevara added. “They’ve got guys on the back-burner just waiting, so, for me, it just didn’t seem like the best option. And honestly, the only place I wanted to go was AEW, so when they offered me, there wasn’t really a second thought. I was like, alright, here we go, that’s the place I want to go to.”

It’s unclear whether or not WWE actually wanted to sign Guevara to a contract or simply keep tabs on him as they look to continue expanding their roster as they’ve done over the last few years. For now, though, Guevara will get a chance to show what he can do and raise his stock with AEW and see where the future takes him.

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