AEW Provides Update on Cody Rhodes

According to AEW President Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes received 12 staples but is reportedly concussion free and not feeling any ill effects from the error that came when Shawn Spears laid into him with an unprotected chair hot.

The blow came after Cody’s time-limit draw with Darby Allin. Spears came to the ring, blasted his “friend” with a chair and Cody fell to the mat and immediately started to bleed.

Tony Khan called it an unfortunate situation where AEW called a doctor right away and already had one on hand for that particular stunt.

It sounds like AEW had this stunt planned with a prop chair that didn’t work as it was supposed to. “You can build the safest airplane in the world and if there’s pilot error, there’s pilot error.” Still, it was an extremely dangerous move that Khan and the rest of the AEW roster will likely never permit again.

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks said of the chair shot.

“I don’t even know what happened, to be honest. All I know is he did get staples, so I’m going to have to look back and I’ll have a comment on it later. I do know that they ‘gimmicked’ the chair and it clearly didn’t work since he was bloody.”

The good news is, Cody seems ok. The bad news is, this is a pretty big black eye on AEW in its infancy. If AEW is going to try to stand out as a brand that is high-risk, hardcore and ready to deliver blood, they need to be cautious. Cody has now bled twice in two events but it has to be assumed, this blood was not intentional.

Khan also spoke about a tag team tournament going into the tv show in the Fall, time limits, and spoke about the fact that TNT would not be what fans saw on the show with the level of violence. This was a PPV and not a tv show.

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