AEW Panel Bashes WWE 24/7 Championship Belt

During a presser for Double or Nothing, AEW executives and stars, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks answered questions from fans. In one instance they had the audience in stiches when asked about the 24/7 title that was unveiled by WWE this past Monday.

Cody started things by saying, “Let’s be fair, we all love Mick Foley right? Everyone loves Mick Foley. What a bad… I felt so bad, he’s standing out there, he’s a living legend… what the F–k was he holding?”

Cody added, “Like no thought went into that.” Trying to describe how insanely stupid he thought it was Cody mocked how the conversation might have gone when coming up with the concept. He said, “What is it? Well, it’s 24/7. What do we put on it? ..24/7!”

Matt Jackson added,” And you know what? Here’s another thing, our titles are going to look good.” The crowd cheered and he added, “Good Lord. I saw a graphic of that new title and I almost threw up.”

Nick joked he was going to get in trouble and he’s not even said anything. His brother responded, “Who cares? We don’t work for them!”

You Knew This Was Coming From AEW

This can’t be a surprise. For a promotion that has been very public about how much their wins and losses and titles will mean, it’s not shocking to see them take a shot at WWE’s new title.

At the same time, it’s interesting that the trio held nothing back when referring to questions about WWE. This may not be a sign that the war is officially on between the two companies, but it certainly suggests AEW isn’t afraid of one.

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