AEW Shuts Down Tapings Indefinitely

According to Dave Meltzer, AEW conducted their latest television tapings at QT Marshall’s gym in Norcross, GA last week and is now done taping their shows indefinitely. Reports are, the company reportedly filmed enough footage to last through mid-May and there’s no need to keep taping until more information is released about future shows.

Essentially, the company has shut down going forward. Office staff may continue to work from home and there will be discussions about what the future of pay-per-views like AEW’s annual Double Or Nothing event will be, but the company won’t be operating, having enough footage to get through the next month and change.

While Double or Nothing was set for May 23rd, AEW is unsure if they will even be able to book a venue with the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. This doesn’t even take into account travel issues that the company may face and for certain AEW talents. Tony Khan and AEW felt it best to get done what they could now and hope for good news down the road.

What Did They Tape?

In everything that AEW taped, it sounds like only a handful of the roster was used. Anyone from the New York and California area were not included in the shows as they were the two hot spots for the virus.

Meltzer also noted that Tony Khan offered up accommodations for certain stars that wanted to stay in the area during the tapings. AEW referee Aubrey Edwards, who is originally from the Seattle area, was among the staff that accepted the temporary housing offer.

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