AEW Officially Introduces New Mystery Tag Team [Video]

The debut of an unknown tag team at Double or Nothing had a lot of people talking, but also very confused. AEW will have some work to do introducing casual wrestling fans to unknown but talented stars, but this was something different.

When the lights went out and this team appeared to attack The Best Friends and Angelico and Jack Evans after their tag match, no one, including the announce crew of AEW, seemed to know who they were.

AEW changed that on Monday.

AEW has officially introduced fans to the duo, and their minions who took out half of AEW’s tag division. At Double or Nothing, the lights went out and this team appeared. When the lights went off again, there were at least a dozen more of these men, all wearing masks.

Meet The Dark Order

Called the Dark Order, AEW shared a video of the group on social media. There seems to be a clear leader who said:

“Who are you they said? How quickly they forget. How easy the abandon the ones they love,” one masked man, seemingly the leader, says in the video. “For the longest time, we were considered the best. And then they banished us.”

He called his minions “Creepers” and during the video, they slithered all around him, hanging onto every word. He then introduced himself as Evil Uno and introduced his partner, his blood, ready for mortal kombat as Stu Grayson.

“All Hail the Dark Order” Grayson said. The Creepers then followed.

While most fans won’t know this team, what AEW is doing here is smart. A creative way of bringing in new talent fans can get invested in will be key to their continued success. We may not know these guys, but this video certainly offers up some excitement for what they might do moving forward.

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