AEW Lands UK-TV Deal

British free-to-air television network ITV has been confirmed as the UK partner for Double or Nothing. The partnership of the biggest TV commercial network in the UK and the debuting AEW will see the PPV aired at 01:00 GMT for the reasonable price of £14.99.

In addition to this, the hour-long pre-show which has been dubbed “Buy-In” will be aired on ITV4 as a free watch to all viewers in the UK at 00:00 GMT and will have matches such as the inaugural “Casino Battle Royale” match as well as Kip Sabian, who has previously featured on ITV wrestling, facing off against Sammy Guevara. A special pre-event show named “Before the Bell” will also be featuring on ITV4 for free and will detail the build-up to the PPV.

With rumors of AEW’s possibilities, it is evident President and CEO of AEW Tony Khan has had this planned for a while. He said:

“Since our launch in January, we’ve signed the best talent, sold out our debut show in record time, and we’ve built relationships and formed bonds with the best media partners like ITV. The collaboration with ITV is so important to  AEW, ITV is the best in the UK, they were always my first choice to be our international PPV partner for DOUBLE OR NOTHING, and we’re looking forward to a great show.”

Future of AEW on ITV

It is yet known if ITV will be the regular destination for televised AEW content within the UK for the future and is still unknown which network will be taking them on in America. But if this announcement is anything to go by we can only hope and expect AEW to have promising destinations lined up globally for its brand.

For the official announcement and full quotes see:

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