AEW: More News on Jon Moxley Signing

When Dean Ambrose left WWE and released his promo video as Jon Moxley, the wrestling community lots its collective mind. The promo was extremely well produced and had multiple easter eggs for those who really wanted to take a deep dive into the video.

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This is why Moxley’s debut in AEW at Double or Nothing was received so well and why his stock has never been higher.

When speaking about the Moxley signing recently, Tony Khan gave some more in-depth information for those curious about how this deal came to be and how it will work

“As soon as he was out of his out his deal and wanted to talk to people he came to me and I was really excited to talk to him when he was able to talk to me and he’s been great and I’m very excited to talk to him.

So he is a multi-year contract and he’ll be on a full-time deal. When we go weekly, he’s gonna be working full-time, but same as with the other guys, especially when the schedule is light, I’m gonna be open to him working some international and indie dates, but he is full-time with us and domestically he is essentially our guy…”

This is significant news for AEW as Moxley is as talented a wrestler as it gets in this industry. While WWE limited what fans were able to see from him during his time in WWE as a single’s competitor, he’ll get a chance to prove he’s more than the one-dimensional character Dean Ambrose was presented as.

Given Moxley’s recent status as a WWE Superstar, this should also give AEW even more attention from the casual fan who may not have been interested in this WWE alternative otherwise.

After the spectacle that was Double or Nothing, it will be pretty hard to ignore AEW for much longer regardless.

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