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AEW Issues Statement on Jimmy Havoc Abuse Allegations

As more and more names are revealed as part of the #SpeakingOut movement that has hit social media in the last 24 hours, AEW seemed relatively unscathed. That is until Jimmy Havoc’s name was mentioned.

In the wake of allegations that Havoc abusing women, they released a statement on his status with the company. The statement reads:

“We wish Jimmy Havoc all the best as he receives treatment and counseling in an effort to overcome the mental health and substance abuse challenges in his life. We are aware of various reports related to Jimmy. We are evaluating his status with our company and will address it when he has successfully completed his rehabilitation.”

After the release from AEW, reactions have varied. Some are on board with AEW helping Havoc seek treatment and potentially siding with him until it’s been proven he’s guilty of said accusations. Others have suggested that AEW is being too lenient, even hypocritical after they banned names like Hulk Hogan for racist comments in the past, but could be giving the benefit of the doubt to Havoc, who appears to have done some pretty hideous things.

If it turns out that Havoc is guilty, the expectation is that AEW will likely release him from his contract. That said, it sounds like that decision could be far away and this announcement was one way for AEW to distance themselves.

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