AEW Dynamite: Results, Grades

AEW Dynamite had a crowd of 14,000+ at the Capital One Arena in DC that was all in (no pun intended), and it was worth the watch.

Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy GuevaraGrade: B:

Facing the cornerstone of AEW was already enough pressure to kill ya, but Sammy held his own. Cody of course takes the victory in TNT’s first wrestling show in nearly two decades. LOTS of action off the top and outside the ring. Brandi Rhodes was talking smack to Guevara when Cody decided to go for a dive outside the ring. Sammy pulled Brandi in front as a human shield. At the end of the match AEW Champ Chris Jericho came out the ring and made his presence known, freeing the beast on Cody’s head with the AEW World Title. Winner: Cody

Brandon Cutler vs. MJF – Grade: A:

I gave this an A because this was placed in the right part of the card. Everyone was very hyped coming off the first match of the night featuring Cody. This match reminded everyone there are true Heels out there, and he brings natural heat with him to make it all worth the watch. This match set a good pace for the rest of the night. Winner: MJF

Hangman Adam Page vs. PAC – Grade: C :

I felt this match went a little slow. PAC came out the winner but looked a little rusty. Page is not a fast mover anyway, which made the entire match drag somewhat. PAC’s 450 Splash wasn’t the best, and it looked like the two were really working to push the pace of the match. Overall entertaining? Yes. But it was the low part of the night. Winner: PAC

First Ever AEW Women’s Champion Crowned

Nyla Rose vs. Riho – Grade: A :

AEW Dynamite also had the responsibility of crowning Women’s Championship. Rose, the winner of the first ever Women’s Casino Battle Royale had her hands full facing the well experienced Riho. Riho showed a little bit of strong style that kept Rose reeling during the match. This, beyond size, helped even the match and helped pick the pace up for the show. I was surprised at how many power moves Riho took from Nyla. The biggest move of the night was the Northern Lights Suplex Riho pulled off on Nyla from the top rope. Winner: Riho

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz:

What started out as a six-man tag turned into a John Moxley vs. Kenny Omega match within minutes. While Moxley worked over Omega on the outside, the Young Bucks were on their own. Nonetheless this match had the best in Tag Team action. If you’re into seeing every tag team move in use, watch AEW Dynamite for sure. They pride themselves off of their Tag Team Division. Even though I felt the Moxley injection was not really needed, it was well placed and faired well. Winner: Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz.

After the match a bombardment of run-ins took place with Cody Rhodes coming in to try and save the Young Bucks. That was unsuccessful because Sammy came out and hit him with a low blow. Dustin Rhodes came out and tried to help but a surprise debut of Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) brought that to a screeching halt. The match, and show ended with The Elite on their backs and the beginning of a new story in AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite Lows:

ALL THE COMMERCIALS. They were airing side by side on different screens and it was driving me crazy. Also, not having Dr. Britt Baker, AEW’s first female contract signee on the sidelines for their first show was unfortunate. She deserved more.


“The Post wins every single time” – Jim Ross when PAC hurled Hangman Page into the corner post.

“I didn’t even know we had a VIP section!” – Jim Ross just before Moxley put Omega through the glass coffee table.

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