AEW Makes Major Announcement on Announce Crew: Jim Ross Confirmed

Cody Rhodes tweeted on Wednesday after it was revealed during the Road to Double or Nothing video that AEW has it’s new broadcast team in place for Double or Nothing.

Rhodes opened the video and said, “I’m excited about today. Today we get to go out there and finalize our broadcast team. Today we put lyrics to the music.”

He started by saying AEW will be bringing in Alicia A to be a backstage correspondent. She was part of All In and they wanted her again. Alex Marvez was being brought in as a new commentator, Justin Roberts will be the new ring announcer and the big get, was that AEW confirmed Jim Ross.

Ross was among their top of the top choices and Ross seems extremely happy to be part of the show. Saying that he didn’t want to “give his jersey away” because it meant he couldn’t play anymore, he still believes he has a lot to offer the wrestling business. Saying he wants to be a role model to the young roster and the opportunity to do something new and look at wrestling in a new way, with new blood and a new attitude was more than he could pass up.

The deal is speculated to be quite lucrative as well. The video doesn’t talk about it, but it is rumored to be that Ross has signed a new three-year deal. When asked why Cody was so set on Ross, he responded with, “Because he’s Jim F___ in’ Ross.”

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