Adam Cole Says Main Roster Call-Up Isn’t a Promotion

WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with talkSPORT and gave his opinion on a number of interesting topics. From the idea that there should be more factions in WWE to how much creative freedom they have in NXT, one of the most interesting comments was in regard to an eventual call-up to the main roster.

Cole said, “I don’t look at it as you’re moving up or you’re upgrading, it’s just another brand you’re going to.”

Saying that eventually, everyone in NXT wants a chance on Raw or SmackDown, he sees a move as more of a switching brands than it is a promotion. He and guys like Johnny Gargano think so strongly of NXT, they aren’t just sitting around and hoping for the moment they get a tap on the shoulder and move to Monday or Tuesday nights.

“It’s tough to word it. I believe and I know a lot of the guys there in NXT do to, we absolutely love it,” Cole said. “We’re not thinking ‘gosh, I can’t wait to get to the main roster’. We’re enjoying what we are doing, the stories we are telling.”

While he admitted some characters or guys make work better on other brands, he wasn’t clear as to whether or not he believed his character would excel or suffer if moved. But, because he believes there should be more factions, perhaps the questions isn’t as relevant for Cole should the entire faction of Undisputed Era get the call to Raw or SmackDown Live at the same time.

We for one love to see Cole and his running buddies on NXT but we’re also hoping to see him called up to inject Mondays or Tuesdays with a little life. The otherwise lackluster shows could use a little “Adam Cole Bay Bay!!”

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